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So, Huckabee’s Out. Now What?

March 5, 2008

In a sad moment for American political history, Mike Huckabee has bowed out.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee bowed to “the inevitable” and dropped out of the Republican presidential race Tuesday night after an improbable run for a politician little known beyond his home state a year ago.

Huckabee announced he was giving up his bid for the White House after John McCain swept Tuesday’s contests in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, giving the Arizona senator the delegates needed to claim the party’s nomination in September.

“It’s been a heckuva run,” he said.

Huckabee urged his supporters to back McCain in November and said he has no “Plan B” for his political career.

The last true Republican has left the race. The GOP nominee will now be a RINO who opposes free speech and embraces bigoted Catholic-bashers. The RINOs have won the Party, and I strongly urge all Christians to leave the building.

In a way, this is a positive development. Huckabee was the last obstacle to the Brownback write-in campaign. My faith is too strong to allow me to believe that God hates America this much. As far as I can tell, He wants to test our resolve and our piety. We have a clear choice this November: vote for a Satanist Communist Islamist (be it Billary or Hussein Osama), vote for a Socialist RINO with Know-Nothing 19th-century Nativist leanings (McCain), or write-in a candidate. That candidate will be Brownback, and his victory will shake this hypocritical Babylon to its foundations. God has not yet forsaken His faithful. That is a promise, America. That is a promise.

Go, and pray for what comes. We face a challenging time of darkness before the light shall again shine down upon us.

Vote for America! Vote for Brownback!

Deviant Counterattack

March 3, 2008

Apparently, our moonbat trolls have grown weary of constantly having their comments shut down on a Christian, family-friendly blog. Instead, they’ve chosen to start a counter-blog, Blogs Not 4 Brownback.

It’s difficult to see what they hope to accomplish by all this. Real Americans visit patriotic websites like B4B for their news and informed commentary. Traitors, anti-American foreigners, and deviants of all stripes will naturally flock to such blogs as well, hoping to corrupt the incorruptible Christian American spirit with their constant haranguing, underhanded deceptions, incessant distortions, and outright hackery. No one listens to them but they themselves, of course. Decent people read the Bible and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Decent people are unlikely to eschew decent activities in order to heed the Satanic influences of a medley assortment of anonymous Internet trolls.

I’m putting their blog in our blogroll, because I think older site viewers need to know what kinds of unspeakably libelous filth leftards will post in their unending efforts to destroy America. Younger readers are strongly cautioned, however, not to peruse the site. Parents should bear in mind that left-wing sites often make hysterical, emotional appeals designed to reach out to the more impressionable minds of the young, in an effort to convert them away from strong Christian habits and into a lifestyle of homosexual debauchery and atheistic nihilism. Due caution should be used when viewing such websites.

I, myself, will not be commenting on such a site. I find it dangerous to award these people with my IP address, alternate email information*, or any other data they might use to hack into this site and make more fake posts about how we’re a hoax. These people are completely shameless, completely ruthless, and they stand in direct, treasonous opposition to all things American, good, and pure. I feel no need to help them, when even my rebuttals would assist them

Cross-Posting Announcement

January 15, 2008

CrosspostingI have decided to begin cross-posting my posts at both Blogs 4 Brownback and Blogs 4 Huckabee. This way, I can show my support for Huckabee on a website dedicated to his nomination and election, while giving Blogs 4 Brownback readers their traditional fix of the Divinely-revealed Truth which God has chosen to show me. Both candidates will benefit from my analysis and experience, and the liberals will find themselves outflanked, outgunned, outmanned, and confounded, as they are hounded by my onslaughts at every turn.

Show your support for God, America! Vote Huckabee! Huckabee will keep America Christian, and see to it that Brownback is our next President!

Contributors Welcome

January 7, 2008

WelcomeHi, I’m Sam Brown. I write this blog mostly by myself, although Jeremiah from Conservatives United has been kind enough to contribute a post.

I know I’m not the only aspiring blogger to write in favor of Mike Huckabee and the ongoing Huckaboom. If you think you have the right stuff to become a member of the B4H Team, or just want to help out, you can contact me, and I’ll add you as a contributor.

It’s not a democracy unless we all contribute. So let’s do it together!

Update: What the heck? Why not link to predictions for the New Hampshire primary taking place tomorrow? I expect Huck will take 3rd or 4th, although he’s doing really well in South Carolina.

My prediction? Or my hope? McCain beats Romney. That would make me happy.

Update 2: Mitt Romney spent around $8 million in NH on ads after spending around $9 million in Iowa.  I hope he does as poorly in New Hampshire as he did in Iowa.  Mitt sure knows how to spend money.  It’s his now that he’s spending, but I bet he’ll spend even more when it’s ours!  Say no to Mittens.  Say yes to a brand new sweater!

Sam Brown
B4H Founder

How To Destroy The Republican Party

January 5, 2008

GOPInsult the base.  (The original post is revolting in the extreme.)

Dear Iowa Republicans,

I’ll put this in language even your tiny little Iowa brains can understand: What the f*** is wrong with you people?

The news coming out of Des Moines (literally, French for “tell me about the rabbits, George”) tonight is distressing in the extreme.

VodkaPundit insults the intelligence of good decent people — the Huckabee supporters who gave Mike an overwhelming victory over Romney and he concludes with this gem:

So I repeat the question: What is wrong with you people?

All my love, you corn-sucking idiots,


Wow, elitist much?  Hint to VP: Republicans don’t win elections without evangelical support.

Fearmonger when you don’t get your way.

The market is tanking, allegedly because of the jobs report, with the Dow down 244 and the NASDAQ off 92 (3.5%) at this writing.

How much of the decline is due to the investor class rejecting the idea that any good news comes out of either Obama-McCain or Obama-Huckabee?

Yeah, right Huge Hewitt.  Just because your precious phony Mitt Romney didn’t win, despite outspending Huckabee 20-1, the markets are tanking. You’re unbelievable.  That’s utter nonsense.

Threaten to vote Democrat if your candidate isn’t the nominee.

I’ve been reading this line from a lot of commenters in a lot of comment threads where reaction to Huckabee’s win in Iowa is discussed and it fills me with disgust.

Republicans taking part in this personal destruction nonsense better knock it off if we, as a coalition, are going to win.  Scorch the earth too much and you’re not going to get support for your preferred elitist nominee.

Social conservatives are not going to participate if they are insulted and played for suckers.  That’s what you’re doing by threatening to vote Democrat if Huckabee earns the nomination of our party.

What a bunch of sore losers.

Wasn’t it a great Republican who said “If you strike me down, I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine?”  Or was it something about hanging together or hanging separately?


December 28, 2007

Shelley the RepublicanJimmy Goddard amusingly links to Blogs 4 Huckabee in a post entitled The Brownback-lash.

A few weeks ago I predicted that some of the word’s most strident Sam Brownback supporters would change their allegiance to Mike Huckabee – what I did not predict was that Sam’s campaigners and grass-roots organizers would so seamlessly cross-over to Mike’s team.

Jimmy apparently noticed that I have previously (and still do) worked over at Blogs 4 Brownback, the premier Brownback blog.

Take a look at Blogs4Huckabee – only a month ago the (excellent) writers of this blog were busy raising funds and awareness for Sam Brownback. Today, Senator Sam might be nothing more than a foot-note in Presidential history as the American mainstream rallies behind Mike Huckabee.

I don’t know if the surge of support for Huckabee (the Huckaboom) is due to a backlash against Sam, but it sure makes for a snappy title. Thanks for the link, Jimmy. And thanks for reading!