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Paul Weyrich Endorses Huck

February 11, 2008

Paul WeyrichAs folks continue to count Huck out, despite his strong performance over the weekend and his subsequent rise in Virginia primary polls, the influential endorsements keep coming in.  The big name Republicans who are dissatisfied with moderate “maverick” John McCain are turning to the conservative alternative: Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee received the endorsement of longtime conservative activist Paul Weyrich, a former Romney supporter who called him this morning with the news.

And here’s how the man from Hope reacted:

“He called me first of all and initiated the conversation and indicated to me that he felt like I was the one guy that was left that was a true conservative that really believed things that mattered to a lot of conservatives and it involved everything from strong national defense to immigration to tax policy, the life question. There were many different reasons, and, you know, so obviously, this is good news for me. I appreciate it,” Huckabee said.

This is good news that the media would like to downplay, as usual.

Asked how beneficial the endorsement would be since it hadn’t helped Romney, Huckabee shrugged, “Well, but a lot of things didn’t help Mitt Romney, including $100 million.”

Another great comeback.  Keep fighting onwards, Mike!  You’ve got us all behind you.

== Sam Brown ==

Mike Huckabee: The Last Conservative Standing

February 7, 2008

Mike HuckabeeMitt Romney has dropped out. John McCain, the Republican “maverick” is in the lead. One solid conservative remains. Romney supporters and those who consider McCain a liberal have to make a choice. And they have to make it soon. The right choice is obviously the last conservative standing: Mike Huckabee. He stands alone in the Republican field. Will you stand with him or will you allow the White House to be taken by a liberal? Do you want our next President to steer the ship of state hard to port (left)?

If not, it’s time to get behind the true conservative candidate, Mike Huckabee. If you don’t do it now, you will kick yourself later. I guarantee it.

Update: A former Mitt supporter in a classless display of sour grapes. It’s really sad that some fervent Mittbots have taken Mitt’s dropping out personally and have chosen to childishly take it out on the last conservative standing. Sad, really. Let go of your hate. It will destroy you.

I know most Romney supporters are not unhinged like this guy and can make up their own mind. John McCain or Mike Huckabee. Choose wisely. America’s future is at stake.

== Sam Brown ==

Mike Huckabee Rocks West Virginia! [Updates]

February 5, 2008

West VirginiaThe first result I have seen so far today (Super Tuesday) is good news for Huckafans. Mike Huckabee has won West Virginia! Race 4 2008 announced these results:

Mike Huckabee 52%
Mitt Romney 47%

Thanks for your prayers, everybody. And thank you West Virginia!

Update: Dewey Defeats Truman!

An interview with John McCutcheon, a state consultant for Mitt Romney, made clear why he is expected to win easily.

“We have had the only organizational presence in West Virginia to speak of,” said John McCutcheon, a state consultant for Mr. Romney. “It’s all Romney all the time.”

Ha ha, Mittens!

Update 2: Huckabee leading in final Tennessee poll? Keep praying, folks!

Huckabee 36%
McCain 30%
Romney 27%

Update 3: Huckabee also wins Arkansas and Alabama and is in the lead in Georgia. Go Huck! Keep those prayers coming!

Romney has only won liberal Massachusetts. LOL!

Update 4: Huck wins West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia.  He came very, very close in Missouri.  Huck exceeded expectations.  Well done, Mike!

== Sam Brown ==

Pray for Mike Huckabee; Pray for America

February 4, 2008

PrayTomorrow is Super Tuesday.  All the conventional wisdom signs point to Mike coming in third, but still staying in the race.  That is good, but not good enough.  So pray for Mike to do well.

On top of that, I request all readers to pray that Mitt Romney (also known as the greatest flip flopper since John F’n Kerry) flops again.  He’s the worst thing to happen to the Republican party since…well, ever.  The Republican party does not need a Bill Clinton of its own, the Democrat Party already has one.

Even if Huckabee does indeed come in third, it will be a great day if Mutt Romney comes in second, far behind McCain.  John is not perfect, but he’s far and away better than Mittens.

And be sure to include in your prayers: “GO HUCK!”

== Sam Brown ==

Time for Mitt To Go

January 31, 2008

Willard 'Mittens' RomneyMitt Romney has had his chance. He’s been fighting an uphill battle with tons of cash, outspending his rivals 5-1, 12-1, and other similar ratios, but he hasn’t been able to seal the deal. Mike Huckabee won Iowa spending a tiny fraction of the money Romney poured into the state.

He dumped buckets of money into New Hampshire and Florida, making massive ad buys, achieving similar results. Romney has the highest negatives of the GOP candidates. He has a low ceiling and it appears that he keeps bumping into it. This will become more apparent on Super Tuesday. The only thing keeping him afloat is his money advantage and his huge ego.

Here's Johnny!But with three candidates left (Huckabee, McCain and Romney), Mitt staying in the race has allowed McCain to rise to the top. Mitt is siphoning off some of Huckabee’s evangelical support, for complicated reasons, and is helping to ensure a McCain nomination that is quite likely to tear party unity in the GOP to shreds. Is it really worth all that?

Brett Passmore over at Race 4 2008 says no, and suggests that Mitt should drop out or at least his supporters should give Huckabee some serious consideration for the good of the Republican party. And he’s absolutely right.

Romney supporters need to get behind Mike now – Mike has the speaking abilities, the friendly demeanor, and the charm to obliterate the democratic nominee. Romney’s negatives are skyhigh and he will get killed in the general – Mike has the ability to connect with the common man. Mitt just turns him off.

Mitt RomneyEarlier, Brett also posted some interesting analysis of reaction to last night’s debate. It clearly demonstrates the problem that Romney faces. People just don’t trust the guy.

Romney, while seen as professional, failed the personality test. “Arrogant,” “phony,” “Stepford wife-ish” and “a snake” were their choice words for the former Massachusetts governor. (Although they all agreed on his good looks.)

Mike HuckabeeCompare that to what was said about Mike Huckabee:

“Being a woman, [I think] Huckabee overall best understands what women Republicans or voters want, need and expect,” said Christine, a 32-year-old moderate Republican.

“He seemed more classy and more real,” agreed Pam, a 44-year-old undecided voter.

After viewing the debate, four of the women – almost half the group – said they had changed their vote from McCain to Huckabee.

But Mitt Romney and his huge campaign warchest stands in the way. By staying in and taking votes away from the likeable social conservative who connects with everyday people, Mitt is helping to ensure that John McCain runs away with the nomination. Isn’t that just a tad selfish?

Also consider for a moment a debate between the Democrat and Republican nominees.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton vs…

  • Romney: it might be a wash — they’re both detested by folks in both parties.
  • McCain: similar results. They’re both cold Senators.
  • Huckabee: Huck wins, clearly. He’s a better debater. Charm over smarm.

Barack ObamaBarack Obama vs…

  • McCain: McCain ends up on the mat, TKO.
  • Romney: Mittens comes off more wooden and robotic, more machine than man, against the charismatic and animated Obama, the agent of “change.”
  • Huckabee: Fireworks! It’s hard to predict who wins, but Huck has the best shot.

Mittbots must consider the following: if given the choice between only one of the following: John McCain, Mike Huckabee or the Democrat nominee, which do you choose?

ApocalypseIf you choose McCain or the Democrat, you’re going to get 4-8 years of Clinton or Obama, a liberal Supreme Court, a ruined economy, and a surrender to the terrorists. The GOP will be in ruins.

If you refuse to choose and lose only because it’s Mitt (who can win neither the nomination nor the general election) or scorched earth, same result. Or it could be worse: President McCain and a centrist Republican Party.

GOP RIPIt’s time to get behind Mike Huckabee, unless you want to stay on that sinking ship. Suicide or a genuine shot at victory with a real conservative, Mike Huckabee? It’s up to you. Make the right choice, Mittheads. I’m not so sure that Willard is principled enough to make it for you. So do the right thing, for party and country.

Thanks to Sam Brown for letting me contribute this guest post.

— Psycheout

Mitt Romney: Chicken

January 28, 2008

Super ChickenColonel Sanders once said something to the effect that he’d never trust a man who didn’t like chicken.  Mike Huckabee’s found one: Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney’s failure to eat fried chicken with the skin on is nothing short of blasphemy here in the South, according to GOP rival Mike Huckabee.

It should be considered blasphemy anywhere, but especially in the South.

Romney, of Massachusetts, dug into a piece fried chicken at KFC while campaigning in Lutz, Florida on Saturday, but not before peeling off what most would consider the best part — the crispy skin.

Is it any surprise that the phony Northeastern liberal governor would be a picky eater?  I guess not.

“I can tell you this,” he said, “any Southerner knows if you don’t eat the skin don’t bother calling it fried chicken.”

“So that’s good. I’m glad that he did that, because that means I’m going to win Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma … all these great Southern states that understand the best part of fried chicken is the skin, if you’re going to eat it that way.”

I hope you’re right, Mike.  Go Huckabee!

== Sam Brown ==

Mike Vows To Win South Carolina

January 15, 2008

Mike HuckabeeAt 9:10pm EST, Mike Huckabee congratulated Mitt Romney on his Michigan victory. He also vowed to win South Carolina, the first in the South primary.

Mike Huckabee has a darn good chance to move ahead. Mitt Romney has a great chance to move back. If Huckabee wins, America moves forward. If Romney wins, Amnerica moves back, back to the Democrats.

Let us move forward with Mike. Otherwise we as a nation, will move back. I hope you agree with me. And I hope you support the one man who can move us forward. That man is none other than Mike Huckabee.

Update: Outspent 50-1 and he still got third place in Michigan.  That means he beat Giuliani and Thompson handily.  Mike has done will with little money and miniscule conventional wisdom support.  He is the one candidate who can win with or without the fatcats.  Onwards to South Carolina!

== Sam Brown ==

Huckaboom in South Carolina

January 7, 2008

South CarolinaWith less than two weeks to go before South Carolina makes its choice for President, Huckabee is where he wants to be: at the top.

In a Republican Primary for President of the United States in South Carolina today, 01/07/08, twelve days to the vote, Republican Mike Huckabee is 2:1 atop challengers Mitt Romney and John McCain, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WCSC-TV Charleston and WSPA-TV Greenville.

The numbers look promising for Mike Huckabee, even better than they did in Iowa.

Today, after Iowa and before New Hampshire, it’s Huckabee 36%, Romney 19%, McCain 17%, Fred Thompson 11%, Rudolph Giuliani 9% and Ron Paul 5%.

And another Huckaboom appears to be taking place. Huck has been on the rise, once again.

Compared to a SurveyUSA tracking poll released 3 weeks ago, before Christmas and before Iowa, Huckabee is up 8 points, all other candidates are effectively flat or down. Upstate, Huckabee leads by 22. In the Midlands, he leads by 16. In the Low Country, he leads by 14.

And South Carolina voters care about the issues. That’s what’s helping Huck.

South Carolina Republicans think the next President should focus on Immigration ahead of all other issues. On Immigration, Huckabee and Romney had been tied, Huckabee now leads. Among Republicans who say the Economy is most important, Huckabee’s support has quintupled over the past 60 days and he is now 2:1 preferred over all others.

Huckabee: preferred 2:1. How’s that for a campaign slogan! Go Mike!

Update: Rasmussen agrees:

  • Mike Huckabee 28% (12%)
  • John McCain 21% (9%)
  • Mitt Romney 15% (21%)
  • Fred Thompson 11% (21%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 10% (13%)
  • Ron Paul 4% (8%)
  • Some other candidate 2% (4%)
  • Not sure 9%

Look at that!  Mike more than doubled his numbers.  This is surely another Huckaboom!

Down To the Wire

January 2, 2008

HorseraceIowa’s caucuses are tomorrow night. It looks like the top three finishers on the Republican side will be Huckabee, Romney and McCain. But who will be first? It depends on the poll, so it could be anyone.

According to Strategic Vision, the numbers are:

Mitt Romney 30%
Mike Huckabee 28%
John McCain 16%
Fred Thompson 13%
Rudy Giuliani 4%
Ron Paul 4%
Duncan Hunter 1%
undecided 4%

But according to Zogby, a different outcome:

Mike Huckabee 28% (29)
Mitt Romney 26% (25)
John McCain 12% (12)
Fred Thompson 12% (10)
Ron Paul 9% (7)
Rudy Giuliani 7% (8)

It will be interesting to see the results when they come in. Go Mike!

Dishonest Hacks

December 26, 2007

Bend over for Mitt RomneyLike Mitt Romney, Romney supporters are dishonest hacks. Citing an Iranian report on the current presidential race, Jason Bonham sneers about it being a “big newspaper endorsement” for Huckabee.

With this powerful endorsement of Huck and the liberal Concord Monitor trashing Romney, there is a lot to think about.

Ha ha ha. Very funny. But of course if you actually read the article, there is no endorsement whatsoever. But truth is no obstacle for unprincipled Mitt hacks. There is a lot to think about, such as why Romney supporters have to lie if their guy is such a great candidate. He’s not so they do. Birds of a feather flock together.

Romney supporters will say anything even when it’s demonstrably false, just like their dishonest candidate. This is precisely why Mitt hasn’t been able to seal the deal. And it’s also why voters are giving Mike Huckabee a second look.

The more Mitt and his supporters lie, the more voters will slip through their fingers.

Update: In a positive move, Race 4 2008 has added Brett Passmore to the roster of front page posters.  Not all stories mentioning Huckabee have to be negative.