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Faithmouse: “Don’t Be a Schmuckabee…”

January 14, 2008

Faithmouse features an amusing Huckabee comic today:

Don't Be a Schmuckabee...Vote for Huckabee!

In his commentary following the strip, artist Dan Lacey explains:

…if fellow wing-nuts succeed at wounding Huck just to keep Mr. Christian social conservative from upsetting the power cart, I suspect evangelicals who helped pushed Bush over the top in 2004 will walk in 2008, myself included.

What he Hucka-said!  And given a choice between McCain and Huckabee, Dan wisely chooses Huck.

== Sam Brown ==

Huckabee’s Cross To Bear

December 22, 2007

A lot has been made of Mike Huckabee’s Christmas adToo much, even.  Especially about the bookcase that almost looks like, gasp, a cross to some (if you squint at it hard enough).

Faithmouse explains it all with a touch of humor:

Huckabee's Floating Cross

Faithmouse is drawn by Minnesota artist Dan Lacey.