Qualities of a Leader


Mike HuckabeeThere has been much criticism of Mike Huckabee and how the role his Faith will affect the way he conducts business as President. Given the fact that he’s been quite open about his Faith and generous with the public about the questions they have brought forth to him, there has still been much negativity put forth as attacks on his character and record, but let’s take a look at the facts, the truth

I wanted to follow up on a question you and the other candidates got at the YouTube debate about whether you believe every word in the Bible. Do you believe the Bible is inerrant?

I believe it is. There are some things in the Bible that were clearly intended to be figurative: “If the eye offends thee, go pluck it out.” Did Jesus mean that we were supposed to take our fingertips, reach deep into our eye and pull it out if we see something we don’t think we should see? Obviously not. “Inerrant” means if you follow the direction of the Bible, it will not lead you into error.

He explained it perfectly. You see, when people ask these questions, they’re not just questioning the man in front of them, they’re questioning our Heavenly Father, and if we seek God’s face in earnest, then He says… He sends…His Holy Spirit as inspirator, and He writes the words on our hearts, so that we may fully understand the context for which He speaks it to us, and we can’t understand it…unless, we accept the plan of Salvation given to us through His Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross at Calvary…

How did your faith play a role in dealing with pardons and commutations? You’ve said that you have to wear two different hats, but your faith must play some role, right?

It does. It doesn’t mean that I am soft, and that everybody who has a hard-luck story, I’m just going to turn them loose. [But] I truly tried to look at every case, without regard to the respective person. If there were injustices, I tried to do everything I could to correct them, and for example, there were issues where I felt like African-American males were given harsher sentences, especially for drug crimes, than were upper-middle-class white kids who were arrested for the same thing. My faith affected me there because I don’t think you should have two standards of justice—one where upper-middle-class white kids whose fathers can get them an attorney get to go to rehab with no criminal record, and [another where] a poor black kid from a single-parent home gets eight to 10 in the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Now, did my faith affect that? I sure hope so. I’d like to think a person without faith would like to see justice equally meted out.

Right on, Mike!

Holy BibleIt makes perfect sense to want equal code of justice carried out for those who’ve committed the same crimes, and this is where I think Mike would be a tremendous help to this Nation; mostly due to the fact that murderers will be given the necessary judgments in the penal code, and the bible backs his position up on this — Romans 2:11 ‘For God does not show favoritism.’ You see, it’s not those that hear the law, but it is those who obey the laws that truly matters in God’s eyes. He loves us each and everyone, and that’s why He doesn’t want us to do bad things, but to serve Him; and He’ll bless us.

On to other more recent news of attacks Mike were by Mitt Romney…

These two ads

Attack 1

Attack 2

Mike responded to the attacks in a Fox interview today, so I’m going to do the best I can to paraphrase what he said…

Here’s what he said…I’m not going to run a negative campaign, if that’s what the voters want, and they want to run negative ads about me, then they can do that..He said. But if they want someone who runs a negative campaign then that’s who they will get as it relates to the way they do business as President…but I’m not that kind of personwe’re responsible for the actions we take not only now, but after we receive the nomination.

Just common sense, folks, Mike shows us that he’s willing to admit past mistakes that he might have made, and that they were entirely out of his control, and that he is willing to accept responsibility for them. More precisely, that he will be honest and forthright in his intentions to lead the American people (you and I) for the best interests of the country.

The most important part about Mike, is that he’s not leading by his own standards, but by example and the guidance of God’s Word; which is the only way one can know they are on the right path. His thoughts and actions are showing it, through the positive message that he is bringing to us.

God bless!

~ Jeremiah

Conservatives United!

5 Responses to “Qualities of a Leader”

  1. Sisyphus Says:

    God bless you, Jeremiah. You’re an excellent writer, and you’ve made many intelligent points.

    You’re one of the people who helped convince me to throw in my support for Huckabee this election. Blogs 4 Brownback is now, largely, Blogs 4 Huckabee 2. God bless you, and I hope you have a very happy new year.

  2. Jeremiah Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Sisyphus.

    As of late, though, I’ve really been saddened by all of the attacks on Mike. He’s being attacked from all sides. People really don’t seem to care anymore, about the moral crisis we are in, and where it will lead this country if left uncontended.

    There’s a city somewhere up in the northeast, I can’t remember where it’s at, but the statistics show that there are at least 2 murders take place on a daily basis. With the laws we’ve got today, most of them will either be pardoned, or put on probation, which is really the same as being free, because they have access to things that can be made into deadly instruments.

    In Mike Huckabee we have somebody who will make our neighborhoods more safe to live in by mandating the Death Penalty for those who commit acts of murder, regardless if intended or otherwise … it’s better to err on the side of caution than to risk more lives in the process. There’s no excuse for murder, none what-so-ever.

    I see a man of God in Mike, he really is. If you go over to the the site I cited above on truth, there on the sidebar are some videos of Mike Huckabee in ministry, and promotional videos. Some really good videos.

    God bless!

    ~ Jeremiah


    I’d also like to say a special Thank You to you Mr. Brown-for allowing me the opportunity to make this post. This means a lot to me. We need more people who will support Mike.


  3. Psycheout Says:

    As of late, though, I’ve really been saddened by all of the attacks on Mike.

    I couldn’t agree more. I really hope Mike takes Iowa. He’s a decent man and an honest man. People like him should be encouraged to enter politics.

  4. BJ Tabor Says:

    ”He explained it perfectly. You see, when people ask these questions, they’re not just questioning the man in front of them, they’re questioning our Heavenly Father,”

    Good point and I agree 110%; attack Mike and you attack God. All the flack he is getting just shows you the viciousness of the persecution we Christians have to endure.

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    […] Contributors Welcome Hi, I’m Sam Brown. I write this blog mostly by myself, although Jeremiah from Conservatives United has been kind enough to contribute a post. […]

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