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Open Thread

February 14, 2008

Let the discussion begin.


Question for the Liberals…

February 1, 2008

You people would vote for an Atheist President, right?  Well, how about a Scientologist candidate, if you otherwise agreed with him on the issues?

 I want to know exactly what level of stupid I’m dealing with, here.  I think Scientology is even worse than Atheism, but I’m curious if you degenerate agree or not.

Open Political Thread

January 28, 2008

Open ThreadIf Huckabee fails to achieve the nomination, is it because God hates America and wants to punish us, or is it merely that He wants our write-in campaign for President Brownback to continue as planned? Discuss.

I, for one, am ardently praying it’s the latter. It chills my bones to think it’s the former. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, decent Americans may find themselves forced to emigrate to Iraq. It’s the most free country besides us that I can think of, right now. And God help us all if that sinister harlot gains the powers of Fascist tyranny.

Open Mount Rushmore Thread

January 18, 2008

Mount Rushmore 2.0Which former Presidents should we remove from Mount Rushmore? None, some, or all? Is the entire endeavour an anti-Christian graven image on par with the Statue of “Liberty?” Discuss.Updated with picture of new and improved Mount Rushmore.