Shelley the RepublicanJimmy Goddard amusingly links to Blogs 4 Huckabee in a post entitled The Brownback-lash.

A few weeks ago I predicted that some of the word’s most strident Sam Brownback supporters would change their allegiance to Mike Huckabee – what I did not predict was that Sam’s campaigners and grass-roots organizers would so seamlessly cross-over to Mike’s team.

Jimmy apparently noticed that I have previously (and still do) worked over at Blogs 4 Brownback, the premier Brownback blog.

Take a look at Blogs4Huckabee – only a month ago the (excellent) writers of this blog were busy raising funds and awareness for Sam Brownback. Today, Senator Sam might be nothing more than a foot-note in Presidential history as the American mainstream rallies behind Mike Huckabee.

I don’t know if the surge of support for Huckabee (the Huckaboom) is due to a backlash against Sam, but it sure makes for a snappy title. Thanks for the link, Jimmy. And thanks for reading!


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