Open Mount Rushmore Thread


Mount Rushmore 2.0Which former Presidents should we remove from Mount Rushmore? None, some, or all? Is the entire endeavour an anti-Christian graven image on par with the Statue of “Liberty?” Discuss.Updated with picture of new and improved Mount Rushmore.



6 Responses to “Open Mount Rushmore Thread”

  1. America4Americans Says:

    Well first of all we should get rid of Lincoln he is America’s greatest traitor. He waged a war against his own country to support tyrrany against it’s freedom loving traditional conservative lifestyle and destroyed States Rights for 150 years. Teddy Roosevelt should be removed too. He pretended to be a conservative in order to advance the Socialization agenda of his New York City Atheist Family.

    While I respect Thomas Jefferson, his ideas were very flawed and set a bad precident. I would remove him too. George Washington is the only man I would retain. He was a great military leader who single handedly founded this nation. It is a pitty that his great vision has been watered down to the liberal mush our nation has descended to.

    In the place of those removed I would put President Reagan (of course), President George W. Bush (I believe he is even a greater President than Reagan), and President Huckabee (we will have to wait until after his inauguration).

  2. Brian-sama Says:

    Even Washington’s own religious views were very much in doubt during his time. Why not just move President’s Day to Huckabee’s birthday while we’re at it?

  3. Sisyphus Says:

    I think you’re on the right track there, America4Americans.

    “Even Washington’s own religious views were very much in doubt during his time. Why not just move President’s Day to Huckabee’s birthday while we’re at it?”

    That would certainly do more to show the Christian nature of this country.

  4. Harry Says:

    I question Lincoln. Starting a war that cost the lives of 600,000 fellow Americans sounds like the work of a madman. As Huckabee said, if Lincoln had wanted to be rid of slavery it would have been cheaper had the federal government just bought all the slaves and given them their freedom.

  5. Sisyphus Says:

    Lincoln was definitely overrated.

  6. Epic Wolf Says:

    Wow, you’re all very misguided. So much so I just had to stop and make a comment.
    First, Lincoln was a great man, thought he was strange and that was fine. He had to fight the war to save the Union. I’m guessing from your statement you’re from ‘The South’. Also, you cannot ‘destroy’ right that you never had in the first place. He united, not divided. That =/= tyranny. Conservatism is not the ‘good side’ of America. It’s just one part of a whole. Get that in your heads.

    Second, who cares if TR had an atheist family? (BTW, you don’t capitalize atheist. It’s not a proper noun. Stop doing so.) Many presidents pretend to be True Christians ™, just to get votes, like Bush. Christian =/= good person. Religion should have nothing to do with who can be president.

    Also, stop touting Liberalism and the word ‘Agenda’ like they’re evil. Liberalism is about FREEDOM and rights for everyone, which you are apparently against. Not everyone has some evil plan (agenda) against Christians. Liberalism is not ‘mush’, you pawn. Furthermore, Washington did not single handedly found the US. It was many intelligent men and women.

    Reagan was an okay-president. Bush lead us into an illegal war, tore our freedoms, and defecated on the constitution, mostly for Oil. No thanks. He’s the traitor. Worst president ever. Read up on what he’s done for once.

    Huckabee will never be president. He’s too religiously biased and doesn’t look for the whole nations good. President’s day shall remain where it belongs.

    Lincoln couldn’t ‘buy’ the slaves freedom because the south wouldn’t agree to selling. That and the south seceded. Plus, most people at that time still loathed blacks. So no. Bush started an unnecessary war for oil and conquest, and likes to torture people. Sounds like the work of a true madman. The civil war was necessary, although bloody. Get over yourselves please.

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