Open Political Thread


Open ThreadIf Huckabee fails to achieve the nomination, is it because God hates America and wants to punish us, or is it merely that He wants our write-in campaign for President Brownback to continue as planned? Discuss.

I, for one, am ardently praying it’s the latter. It chills my bones to think it’s the former. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, decent Americans may find themselves forced to emigrate to Iraq. It’s the most free country besides us that I can think of, right now. And God help us all if that sinister harlot gains the powers of Fascist tyranny.


3 Responses to “Open Political Thread”

  1. MikeM Says:

    When Huckabee gets nominated, what do you think of the odds of us being twice-blessed and having Tom Tancredo being his running mate?

  2. Sisyphus Says:

    I’m hoping Brownback is the running mate, personally. But you’re right, Tom Tancredo would also make a great one.

  3. KKKorKKKer Loves The Chocolate Starfish Says:

    He won’t win. Not a chance. I predict his exit next Wednesday. Ron Paul will still be in though. He’s th only real Conservative in the race now.

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