Pray for Mike Huckabee; Pray for America


PrayTomorrow is Super Tuesday.  All the conventional wisdom signs point to Mike coming in third, but still staying in the race.  That is good, but not good enough.  So pray for Mike to do well.

On top of that, I request all readers to pray that Mitt Romney (also known as the greatest flip flopper since John F’n Kerry) flops again.  He’s the worst thing to happen to the Republican party since…well, ever.  The Republican party does not need a Bill Clinton of its own, the Democrat Party already has one.

Even if Huckabee does indeed come in third, it will be a great day if Mutt Romney comes in second, far behind McCain.  John is not perfect, but he’s far and away better than Mittens.

And be sure to include in your prayers: “GO HUCK!”

== Sam Brown ==



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