Time for Mitt To Go


Willard 'Mittens' RomneyMitt Romney has had his chance. He’s been fighting an uphill battle with tons of cash, outspending his rivals 5-1, 12-1, and other similar ratios, but he hasn’t been able to seal the deal. Mike Huckabee won Iowa spending a tiny fraction of the money Romney poured into the state.

He dumped buckets of money into New Hampshire and Florida, making massive ad buys, achieving similar results. Romney has the highest negatives of the GOP candidates. He has a low ceiling and it appears that he keeps bumping into it. This will become more apparent on Super Tuesday. The only thing keeping him afloat is his money advantage and his huge ego.

Here's Johnny!But with three candidates left (Huckabee, McCain and Romney), Mitt staying in the race has allowed McCain to rise to the top. Mitt is siphoning off some of Huckabee’s evangelical support, for complicated reasons, and is helping to ensure a McCain nomination that is quite likely to tear party unity in the GOP to shreds. Is it really worth all that?

Brett Passmore over at Race 4 2008 says no, and suggests that Mitt should drop out or at least his supporters should give Huckabee some serious consideration for the good of the Republican party. And he’s absolutely right.

Romney supporters need to get behind Mike now – Mike has the speaking abilities, the friendly demeanor, and the charm to obliterate the democratic nominee. Romney’s negatives are skyhigh and he will get killed in the general – Mike has the ability to connect with the common man. Mitt just turns him off.

Mitt RomneyEarlier, Brett also posted some interesting analysis of reaction to last night’s debate. It clearly demonstrates the problem that Romney faces. People just don’t trust the guy.

Romney, while seen as professional, failed the personality test. “Arrogant,” “phony,” “Stepford wife-ish” and “a snake” were their choice words for the former Massachusetts governor. (Although they all agreed on his good looks.)

Mike HuckabeeCompare that to what was said about Mike Huckabee:

“Being a woman, [I think] Huckabee overall best understands what women Republicans or voters want, need and expect,” said Christine, a 32-year-old moderate Republican.

“He seemed more classy and more real,” agreed Pam, a 44-year-old undecided voter.

After viewing the debate, four of the women – almost half the group – said they had changed their vote from McCain to Huckabee.

But Mitt Romney and his huge campaign warchest stands in the way. By staying in and taking votes away from the likeable social conservative who connects with everyday people, Mitt is helping to ensure that John McCain runs away with the nomination. Isn’t that just a tad selfish?

Also consider for a moment a debate between the Democrat and Republican nominees.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton vs…

  • Romney: it might be a wash — they’re both detested by folks in both parties.
  • McCain: similar results. They’re both cold Senators.
  • Huckabee: Huck wins, clearly. He’s a better debater. Charm over smarm.

Barack ObamaBarack Obama vs…

  • McCain: McCain ends up on the mat, TKO.
  • Romney: Mittens comes off more wooden and robotic, more machine than man, against the charismatic and animated Obama, the agent of “change.”
  • Huckabee: Fireworks! It’s hard to predict who wins, but Huck has the best shot.

Mittbots must consider the following: if given the choice between only one of the following: John McCain, Mike Huckabee or the Democrat nominee, which do you choose?

ApocalypseIf you choose McCain or the Democrat, you’re going to get 4-8 years of Clinton or Obama, a liberal Supreme Court, a ruined economy, and a surrender to the terrorists. The GOP will be in ruins.

If you refuse to choose and lose only because it’s Mitt (who can win neither the nomination nor the general election) or scorched earth, same result. Or it could be worse: President McCain and a centrist Republican Party.

GOP RIPIt’s time to get behind Mike Huckabee, unless you want to stay on that sinking ship. Suicide or a genuine shot at victory with a real conservative, Mike Huckabee? It’s up to you. Make the right choice, Mittheads. I’m not so sure that Willard is principled enough to make it for you. So do the right thing, for party and country.

Thanks to Sam Brown for letting me contribute this guest post.

— Psycheout


13 Responses to “Time for Mitt To Go”

  1. Brett Passmore Says:

    Thanks for the tags – great site by the way!

  2. Mitt Romney: Do the Right Thing « Blogs 4 Brownback Says:

    […] lay out the argument in full in a guest post over at Blogs 4 Huckabee.   I hope everyone, especially Mitt supporters, will read the whole thing.  Mike Huckabee is the […]

  3. Red State Guy Says:

    This is right on the money! Mutt Romney is holding the Republican party hostage. It’s downright selfish.

  4. Sean Says:

    This is a joke right? Huckabee has only 1 win! Mitt and McCain each have 3. It is Huckabee who needs to leave the race, he lost Southern Baptist friendly South Carolina for goodness sake. If he can’t win there or Florida where he was leading just a few weeks ago then its time he called it quits. Mitt would pwn Hillary in the debates. Obama vs Mitt debates would be very interesting and policy driven. Huck is only handing the nomination to McCain. It’s time Huck supporters put down any religious intolerance they might have towards Mitt and get behind the guy who can unite all conservatives in the Republican party.

  5. apacalyps Says:

    What an awesome post. I agree with everything you said. Well, done.

  6. Psycheout Says:

    Thanks, apacalyps. That’s very much appreciated. I’m sure that Sam Brown, the founder of this blog would appreciate a guest post making the case for Huckabee if you are interested in contributing one. Look for the contact page and shoot Sam an email. We’re running short on time to strike down McCain and Mittens.

    Sean, I think you’re way off base on the religious bigotry remark. It’s not the Mormonism, it’s the phoniness. Romney has the most negatives of any of the GOP candidates and gives Hillary a run for her money on how many and how much people hate her.

    And you’re also wrong about Huck needing to drop out. There are a number of states where he is competitive against McCain where Romney is far behind. Huckabee also keeps social conservative issues alive. Without him in the race, important social concerns would be completely ignored by Willard and John.

    One more point, Romney has outspent all the other candidates, going so far as to loan his own campaign tens of millions of dollars, and yet he hasn’t sealed the deal. He is a loser of a candidate. People simply don’t trust the guy and I don’t blame them one bit. He’s as fake as a three dollar bill.

  7. Sean Says:

    Like I said Huckabee only has 1 win and that was Iowa. Most other candidates would have dropped out by now. Huckabee has lost in 2 southern states already. His leads in Georgia and Tennessee have disappeared. In Georgia he is now tied with Mitt for 2nd. If Mitt has such high negatives then how come he’s come in either 1st or 2nd in every compeition except 1. It’s time conservatives got behind the guy that can unite all conservatives, Social,Fiscal/Economic,and Defense conservatives. Personally I want a Romney/Thompson Ticket.

  8. Sean Says:

    Stop playing the class warfare game. You guys sound like a bunch of liberals. It’s called doing what it takes to win if you ever understood competition you would know what i’m talking about.

  9. Psycheout Says:

    Class warfare? Liberals? You sound like a troll to me.

  10. KKKorKKKer Loves The Chocolate Starfish Says:

    Huckabee will be finished by next Wednesday. Ron Paul is the only real Conservative left.

  11. The Commander Guy Says:

    Great Post!

    Massachusetts Mitt can’t win, but Huck can!

    You don’t know where Mitt really stands on any issue because he’s been on both sides at sometime in the past. Mitt makes Jon Cary look resolute.

    Huck has the authenticity. Mitt has that Eddie Haskell vibe going on.

    Time for the Massachusetts Liberal, Willard Romney, to do the right thing and drop out. He can’t beat Billary. Huck can. He’s got the Arkansas MoJo and will beat them on HIS turf.

    Vote Huck!

  12. The Commander Guy Says:

    Now let’s get this straight about Huck appeal in the South. Huck has got the appeal no problemo.

    The only reason Huck did not win in SC is because Phony Phred Thompson deceived the the voters.

    Phony Phred knew that there is not enough red bull and no-doz to keep him going the distance in this campaign. So he made a deliberate, calculating and phraudulent effort to steal just enough of Huck’s voters to allow his BFF John McCain to win. Then he dropped out – mission accomplished.

    McCain has the big Mo and the Wall Street / K Street axis is lined up behind him. And now with that notorious other phony, Willard “Mitt!” Romney, deceiving Values Voters into believing he’s a real conservative, Huck is in a tough fight. I Mean Mitt is what Eddie Haskell looks like grown up. It just a matter of time before the folks wake up to this fact.

    But hey David beat Goliath, so let’s unite behind Huck as he takes on the crooks on K-Street, the greedy sub-zero bankers on Wall Street and the fake conservatives in this race.

    Huck is in this for the long Haul. Let’s fight along side with him.

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