Die, Terrorists!


Abu Laith al-LibiWe got another bad guy in Afghanistan:

Abu Laith al-Libi, a top al-Qaida commander in Afghanistan who was blamed for bombing a base while Vice President Cheney was visiting last year, has been killed, according to a militant Web site.

Al-Libi was a key link between the Taliban and al-Qaida and was listed among the Americans’ 12 most-wanted men with a bounty of $200,000 on his head.

The Web site Al-Ekhlaas, which frequently carries announcements from militant groups, said that al-Libi had been “martyred” but did not say where he was killed.

Earlier, there had been reports of an attack on militants in a Pakistani village. Pakistani intelligence officials and local residents said a missile hit a compound about 2.5 miles outside Mir Ali in North Waziristan late Monday or early Tuesday, destroying the facility.

Residents said they were not allowed to approach the site of the blast and the Pakistan government and military said they did not know who fired the missile. Local officials said foreigners were targeted in the attack.

A not-so-fond farewell to Hell’s latest sojourner. But wait, it gets better:

One intelligence official in the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the bodies of those killed were badly mangled by the force of the explosion and it was difficult to identify them. The official estimated 12 people were killed, including Arabs, Turkemen from central Asia and local Taliban members.

Not only did we get these cockroaches, we REALLY got them. Satan must be hurling chunks right now just looking at them.

We’ll just keep killing these people, and killing and killing them, until we get Bin Laden. The day will come, folks. The day will come. The day will come.

The only news that troubles me is this:

North Waziristan is a lawless enclave in neighboring Pakistan where last year the Pakistani government reached a peace deal with pro-Taliban militants. U.S. officials have since expressed concern that al-Qaida could be regrouping in Pakistan’s border zone.

Mir Ali is the second biggest town in North Waziristan and has a strong presence of foreign militants, mostly Uzbeks with links to al-Qaida who fled to Pakistan’s tribal regions after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001.

A Pakistani intelligence official said that al-Libi had stayed until late 2003 in the North Waziristan village of Norak, about three miles outside Mir Ali, where he had several compounds. He shifted inside Afghanistan after he took charge of al-Qaida operations on both sides of the border area, but retained links with Norak, the official said.

If we know there are so many terrorists in Mir Ali, why haven’t we flattened the place? A dozen daisy cutters (or one nuke) in and around the city could quickly solve many of the problems we face in Afghanistan today. Why hasn’t anyone taken care of this Satanist Islamist insurgent hotbed yet?

2 Responses to “Die, Terrorists!”

  1. Abdul Jabbar P. Jialil Says:

    i need your frequent infomation for we are one objected to LIBERATE the Muslim in the WORLDfrom OPPRESSION,DISCREMINATIONS by the east and the West.

  2. Red State Guy Says:

    Take that defeatocrats! Somewhere a very fat Michael Moore is weeping.

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