Mike Vows To Win South Carolina


Mike HuckabeeAt 9:10pm EST, Mike Huckabee congratulated Mitt Romney on his Michigan victory. He also vowed to win South Carolina, the first in the South primary.

Mike Huckabee has a darn good chance to move ahead. Mitt Romney has a great chance to move back. If Huckabee wins, America moves forward. If Romney wins, Amnerica moves back, back to the Democrats.

Let us move forward with Mike. Otherwise we as a nation, will move back. I hope you agree with me. And I hope you support the one man who can move us forward. That man is none other than Mike Huckabee.

Update: Outspent 50-1 and he still got third place in Michigan.  That means he beat Giuliani and Thompson handily.  Mike has done will with little money and miniscule conventional wisdom support.  He is the one candidate who can win with or without the fatcats.  Onwards to South Carolina!

== Sam Brown ==


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3 Responses to “Mike Vows To Win South Carolina”

  1. BJ Tabor Says:

    He did all right in Michigan considering that place is almost as bad as Vermont. South Carolina will do the right thing for Mike!

  2. SisyphusLikesPsycheoutsKitty Says:

    Huckabee got creamed in Michigan. He won’t win in South Carolinan or Nevada either. Romny now has the momentum.

  3. Brian-sama Says:

    This race has always been about three people, and those are the ones who still stand a chance. Giuliani, whose only hitch is the fact that he was mayor of NYC during 9/11, never really had much of a leg to stand on. Nobody even knows who Fred Thompson is.

    I am rather surprised to hear that ol’ Mitt is nabbing Christians of all camps. Sounds like a lot of Republicans are pretty willing to accept the idea of a Mormon president.

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