Demonwatch: Madonna


I feel the time is ripe to discuss the deviant and anti-Christian practices of the harlot known as the artist known as Madonna. Her real name is Mrs. Ritchie, but no one will know whom you’re talking about if you refer to her that way. “Harlot” will likely earn you some topic recognition, though.

This video is fairly innocent, for Mrs. Ritchie’s typical fare. The worst is her film “Body of Evidence,” in which the harlot displays flagrant nudity; also, the unspeakably depraved “Justify My Love,” a video which single-handedly created hundreds of sexually-confused Sodomites when MTV foolishly aired it in 1992. Hermaphrodism, bestiality, sado-masochism, and fornication are typical day’s work for this unspeakably, insufferably deranged strumpet.

This woman’s antics have long grated against the American Christian conscience. The fact that she’s chosen to call herself “Madonna” only adds blasphemy to her long list of iniquities.

Luckily for “Madonna”, she lives in Europe now. Her fellow Atheist moonbats will shield her from retribution after the Christian victory in 2008, but not for long. God will not suffer His authority to be flaunted forever, and one who sullies the name of the Virgin Mary by associating it with prostitution is begging Heaven to destroy them.

I pray that Britain will relinquish “Madonna” (Mrs. Ritchie)to the proper authorities when the time is ripe. Failure to do so could justify stern countermeasures, up to and including the use of military force to take this woman by force to her native land for criminal prosecution. Crimes against Christianity are not to be tolerated, even if the abettors seek sanctuary amongst our friends and allies.


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5 Responses to “Demonwatch: Madonna”

  1. Mike Huckabee Hates Madge! « Maxine’s House of Ill Repute Says:

    […] […]

  2. Farthel Says:

    WTF? OK, this is pretty disturbing. Crimes against christianity… well, in that case we shoul judge for crimes against islam, or judaism and hinduism. In that case anyone who has eaten a steak is a criminal. It is disturbing someone may think such things.

    Long live John Lennon

  3. Brian-sama Says:

    I’ve always thought that “Mrs. Ritchie’s” use of the name Madonna was a slap in the face to Christians, but bestiality? Really? Come on now.

  4. Daniel Says:

    You are an absolute nut-job and you should keep your ignorant, self-righteous mouth shut! To even suggest ‘crimes against Christianity’ is pyschotic! And military force; come on! You are nothing more than a disgusting facist posing as a “christian”. You are nothing more than an idiot with an online platform. Shame on you for calling yourself a christian and spouting all this hatred against a single woman. I can assure you there is nothing christ-like about your assertions and if you wish to say such outlandish things you need to leave Christ clean out of it! The only thing that should not be tolerarted is the hideous intolerance of people like yourself!

  5. Michael Says:

    Madonna is a brilliant woman, far superior to fannie crosby..

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