Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Theorist?


Rush Limbaugh - The KissIt’s getting harder and harder to listen to Rush Limbaugh. He wears his anti-Huckabee anti-evangelical bias on his sleeve lately and I just don’t get it. Rush used to represent the heart and soul of conservatives, but more and more he just represents the GOP elite.

Today he came up with a conspiracy theory that’s wacky at best. Perhaps he’s a Ron Paul supporter at heart.

“I think I know what is happening here, Mr. Snerdley, who is the official screener of calls here today. I think that the Huckabee campaign has finally figured it out. I think that we’ve got behind-the-scenes advisors in some cases calling in here, and advisors are having some of their people call in here.”

You catch that? It’s not actual Rush fans and Huckabee supporters calling in and voicing their concern about Rush sandbagging their preferred candidate. It’s got to be the campaign. This is black helicopter Alex Jones territory.

“I’m not getting inundated here from the Ron Paul crowd; I’m not getting inundated from the McCain crowd, or by the McCain crowd. If you Hucksters think that I have been a little unfair and a little bit hard on Governor Huckabee, I’m equally as hard on Senator McCain, but we’re not hearing from any of his people.”

Rush LimbaughA little unfair? A little hard on Huck? Oh give me a break! You’ve spent precious hours of your airtime literally blasting the former Arkansas Governor. No wonder supporters are calling in to cry foul.

Let’s take a quick looksee at the definition of the word “huckster,” shall we?

a person who employs showy methods to effect a sale, win votes, etc.: the crass methods of political hucksters.

Still wonder why people are reacting to the unfair insults you make?

“I really think here that what’s happening is sort of an organized campaign from the Huckabee people here to try to get to the program and refute what I’m saying. I’ve talked about Rudy and social issues as well as Romney and some of his flip-flops in these things.”

And you’re surprised nobody’s calling in about Rudy and Romney? There’s no dispute there, is there? You’ve been sigularly nasty to Mike Huckabee, who’s run a positive campaign. That’s why people are honestly reacting. It’s not a conspiracy, El Rushbo. It’s just not.

And Rush carefully and cleverly offers a false choice. Hey, evangelicals, throw away your vote on a guy who’s hardly even interested in running for President.

“My question for you evangelicals is this. If you’re looking for a real conservative, why are you supporting Huckabee? He’s completely discredited himself. What about Fred Thompson? If you’re looking for a real conservative.”

Who do you represent this campaign season, Rush? It isn’t conservatives and it isn’t your listeners and it isn’t the Republican base who actually and honestly support Huckabee. Why are you doing this? Who’s paying you? You’re going beyond ridiculous to sabotage Huck’s campaign. Why?


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23 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Theorist?”

  1. Psycheout Says:

    Well said, Sam. You’re actually getting pretty good at this blogging thing! 😉

    Rush may not have endorsed anyone yet, but he sure has made it clear that he hates Huckabee.

    • Duke Says:

      I like how you guys assume Mike Huckabee is the be all and end all to
      conservatism when you gave Mitt R. no chance. 1st of all we don’t want all adulterers like McCain in there and we don’t want Big Baptist hate mongers in there either like Huckabee (All Catholics, Jews, and Mormons are BAD!!!!).

  2. Brian Says:

    What a bunch of sour grapes. Not very Christian of you is it? The facts hurt apparently. Huckster may be a social conservative but that’s it. Fred Thompson is a social conservative (100% pro-life voting record) who was endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee, but he’s also a fiscal conservative who believes in tax CUTS not tax RAISING like Huckster. How many times in a row did Huckster dodge Romney’s questions about his tax raising? 5? 6? Fred Thompson is also very experienced on national security and foreign policy which Huckster has NONE of. He also has the best illegal immigration plan as the leading immigration group NumbersUSA details. They call the Huckster a “disaster” on illegal immigration. Should I continue? Fred Thompson is the TRUE and CONSISTENT conservative.

  3. Sam Brown Says:

    How is this sour grapes, Brian? I respect Fred Thompson, but I don’t think he has the fire in the belly to win this thing, nor does he have the poll numbers.

    Huckabee does, yet Rush is ripping him apart going so far as to spout crazy conspiracy theories.

    Fred might be the “TRUE and CONSISTENT” conservative or whatever you’re pedalling, but he hasn’t got a prayer. That’s why I support Huck. He does.

  4. Vet in NH (Jeff) Says:

    A lot of people really love Huckabee and I can see why. He does come off as a nice person. He certainly is funny. I do like the fact that I believe he actually has read the bible (though it certainly is not a litmus test for me).

    I am afraid that he is out of his league. In many ways he reminds me of an articulate George Bush. He will end up raising taxes and supporting programs because his heart tells him it is the right thing to do but these programs are like spoiling your children. It may seem like the right thing to do and stop them from crying in the short term but they will never grow up to be good strong people.

    I also worry that he is too quick to jump onto neat sounding ideas.
    Take the fair tax. It is an interesting and creative idea but. 1) I am never happy when something gets a label to tell me how to think about it. Call it what it is and let me decide if it is fair or not.

    2) You don’t hear him talking about repealing the 16th amendment. This is what allows the federal government to have an income tax at all. The result will be that in a few years we will have a low income tax know just to get the rich and the ‘fair tax’. A few more years after that to prevent increasing the fair tax we will have to further raise the income tax again to save the middle class (all along we won’t say that we will define anyone over $40K a year as rich).

    3) Finally, what about enumerated powers and federalism. Where is the constitutional authority for the fair tax. The 16th amendment says

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

    Section 9 of the constitution says

    No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.

    (which of course we overruled by the 16th amendment).

    So, in the end, I still wanted a conservative candidate so I went with Fred Thompson.

  5. Tom A Says:

    Huchabee is as much a socialist as any of the Dems. He just wears Republican clothes. I want a conseravative. We tried the compassionate Republican, a Rino, are we again to be sucked in by another fake republican? Wake up Republicans, vote Fred and see the light.

  6. r2streu Says:

    Power isn’t enough. When I vote for a Republican, I want a Republican. Not whatever Huckabee is. I respect the guy — I really do. I just think being compassionate with OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY is the wrong way to run a country.

  7. HuckNo Says:

    I wouldn’t listen to Sam I am with his above comment. Sam is obviously not a conservative. Sam is more of a follower. Note his comments.

    “I respect Fred Thompson, but I don’t think he has the fire in the belly to win this thing,”

    You’re parroting the words of the MSM who don’t want a conservative candidate whom ALL Republicans can rally around. I’ll say it again, they don’t want us having a candidate that we can ALL rally around. Why?

    Pretty simple, if they can steer us to nominate someone who is Pro Choice, they can spend the next 6 months trying to eat away at that wing of the party and get some of them to sit out the election. If they can get someone who is weak on Immigration and on fiscal policy, then maybe they can eat away at those who champion that first. A Flip Flopper, they can use to push away independents and demoralize true conservatives.

    They can’t critique Fred on any of his conservative positions, so instead they say he’s lazy, or that he lacks the fire in his belly. Unfortunately in this era of style over substance, they are getting away with slandering a good man and a strong conservative.

    By bringing up the fire in the belly line, you are falling for their game hook, line, and sinker.

    ” nor does he have the poll numbers.”

    Oh, so you go by what other people think and do instead of what you believe to be right? I thought conservatives don’t like people who make decisions based on polls? I guess you should be voting for Hillary with that thinking.

  8. Sam Brown Says:

    I have been nice enough to Fred to not discount his conservative credentials, although, he sadly cannot win. Thanks to being linked by a Fred site, his supporters are attacking Huckabee. Who’s eating the sour grapes now?

  9. F. Redstone Says:

    The reason Rush is laying into Huckabee is that you supporters won’t get it. The man is NOT a conservative. No way around it. He might be nice, he might be sincere, he might be a lot of things. But, he in not CONSERVATIVE.

    Raising taxes, free education for illegals, etc. are populist ideas, not Republican, not conservative. I think Fred is emerging as the only respectable candidate. Mitt is okay, but Fred is calm, steady, incredibly smart, and presidential.

  10. F. Redstone Says:

    P.S. I am sick of the class warfare coming from Huckabee

  11. Vet in NJ (Ed) Says:

    Fred Thompson A True Conservative not – A Phony – A Fraud – A RINO but lets see what was said by someone else recently in Iowa:

    This sums it all up on Huckaberry:

    “former governor who is nonetheless a flawed candidate.

    • He is mistake prone, particularly when it comes to commenting about foreign policy.

    • He can be thin-skinned and rash. Two of his advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said privately Monday that the production of the ad was fueled by Huckabee’s white-hot anger with Romney, and that his change of mind was jarring to the campaign staff.

    • He has a paltry political organization in a state that values the ground game, according to an informal survey of GOP county chairs and co-chairs. “I haven’t seen much of a sign of him or his people,” said Jim Conklin, chairman of the Linn County GOP. “

    There is one one candidate, one conservative that has a record to prove it and that is Fred Thompson of course if you are for:


  12. Sam Brown Says:

    First of all, the name is Huckabee.

    Second of all, your classless attacks against another Republican are really lame.

    Don’t you remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment? Or are you all a bunch of loser Law and Order FredHeads?

    Losers. Guess who’s going to win South Carolina? It ain’t Fred.

    Even if he repeats his “no hand shows” line or his “I owe you nothing” soundbite. Face it FredHeads, it’s over.

  13. Deb Says:

    I understand your need to support and defend your candidate. But, pointing out the facts about a candidate’s past non-conservative actions is not an attack, it is simply……..pointing out the facts.

    Mike Huckabee seems to be a good guy but at the end of the day, he does not represent true conservatism to me. I will vote based on my conservative convictions. I will vote for Fred Thompson.

    P.S. Just because someone doesn’t agree with an evangelical candidate’s positions on policies doesn’t mean they are anti-evangelical.

  14. Harry Says:

    “I’m equally as hard on Senator McCain, but we’re not hearing from any of his people.”

    Rush didn’t really address the fact that McCain has no supporters. 🙂

    I love Huckabee!

  15. Sam Brown Says:

    LOL, Harry! Thanks for that!

  16. underdog Says:

    what do you think of dominion theology?

    what is MIKE’S position given he co-authored a book with George Grant?

  17. Harry Says:


    The Constitution says there shall be no political test to become President, so I really don’t see the relevance of this question.

  18. Jeremiah Says:

    If there was ever a man we need in the White House, it is Mike Huckabee.

    Our country is on the verge of virtual collapse, we have a major moral crisis, our children are being taught some very horrible things in school.

    Mike Huckabee is one who understand this, the only one who understands this, if America wants to change for the better, then they have one choice. You’re being given the chance to make that change this coming November, make that choice Mike Huckabee.

    ~ Jeremiah

  19. bobcorker Says:

    What can you expect from a man employed by Disney, the pro-Sodomist company? It’s time for Rush to go. Ann Coulter has usurped him.

  20. Repulicans Presidential Election 2008 » Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Theorist? Says:

    […] Sam Brown placed an interesting blog post on Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Theorist?Here’s a brief overview […]

  21. Howard Head Says:

    Hey Rush, I wish you could be heard by far more people than get to listen today. Can you expand the number of stations you have of maybe better broadcast the same message twice each day. Many times I miss you and I could listen more often. But the best idea is to get you to even more people than you have now.

  22. Frankie Mclean Says:

    I am here to destroy this blog! You will all submit to my will!

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