Sam Brownback on Mike Huckabee


Sam BrownbackWhile Sam Brownback was still running for President, there was understandably a certain amount of friction between the two camps. After Sam dropped out and Mike Huckabee began to surge, Psycheout over at Blogs 4 Brownback wondered aloud whether some of that surge might have gone to Brownback if he had remained in the race.

For the first time, Sam Brownback has addressed the Huckaboom. What does he have to say regarding his former rival?

Former Republican presidential candidate Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) is commending former GOP rival Mike Huckabee for his rise in the polls, calling him “an authentic conservative.”

Attaboy, Sam! And he has let bygones be bygones.

While still in the race, Brownback was competing aggressively with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for the support of social conservatives. But Huckabee’s surging poll numbers do not surprise the Kansas Republican. Brownback says when he first entered the race he had trouble with name recognition. “When I first announced I was running and people were saying, you know, ‘what’s that guy’s name again, Brownback?’ You know they would do that on Huckabee, too. ‘Hucklebee, Huckle-what?'” he says.

And about that Christmas ad where Huck-haters and religiophobes claimed to spy a scary cross?

Brownback said all he saw was a bookshelf. He says people need to get over it, and that he does not feel Huckabee was trying to send a subliminal message in order to impose his evangelical Christian beliefs on Americans.

Interesting. Although Sam Brownback has already endorsed John McCain, at least he holds no grudge against Mike. Brownback even apologized to Hillary Clinton for harboring dislike for her. What a great guy!

Hat Tip: Brett Passmore at Race 4 2008.



2 Responses to “Sam Brownback on Mike Huckabee”

  1. Larry Craig Says:

    Brownback on Huckabee? Sounds kinky, how can i get a piece of that action?

  2. Sam Brown Says:

    Is that your “wide stance” on the issue? C’mon Craig, Sam stood up for you.

    I’m actually a little afraid of how you’re going to respond to that.

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