Huck Hard on Gitmo


Club GitmoMike Huckabee, sometimes criticized for his compassion, has spoken out on conditions at Guantanamo Bay, and not in the way you might expect.

Asked about Guantanamo, Mike Huckabee said he had visited the facility and said it was “disappointing” that military personnel were eating meals that averaged $1.60 while the detainees were eating Halal meals that cost over $4 each.

Hardly the coddler critics would like to make him out to be. Here’s what Huck had to say:

“The inmates there were getting a whole lot better treatment than my prisoners in Arkansas. In fact, we left saying, ‘I hope our guys don’t see this. They’ll all want to be transferred to Guantanamo. If anything, it’s too nice.”

Unlike the Democrats who are so anxious to surrender in The War on Terror and close Gitmo, Huck would hold firm. He certainly won’t coddle the terrorists.

Cue Democrat and ACLU whining….


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One Response to “Huck Hard on Gitmo”

  1. bobcorker Says:

    First of all, excellent work, Sam Brown! I am eager to see what subject your expertise is in.

    Why should terrorists have rights? I’m really, really confused on why the Democrats stick up for them; is it just to find something to tax our citizens over?

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